In David Platt’s new book he discusses ultimately the mediocrity that has over run American churches. It’s an incredibly challenging book that is very well written and to be honest, I find myself sickened along with him. What in the world has happened to Christianity? When did it become okay for believers to live like pagans? Where does a sense of false peace come from when we sit through a service on Sunday morning and live the rest of the week like NOTHING has happened. Like the King of the Universe didn’t walk on this earth and die a brutal death that we might have life.

We live in our comfy houses and drive our pretty cars to a job where we make more in a week than most people will see in a lifetime. And we see nothing wrong with this? Who needs a giant house or a brand new car? I have more clothes in my closet right now than the 30 Chinese girls I shared life with for two weeks combined. What has happened?

Forgive me for not understanding. And forgive me for not accepting it. I just don’t see how this comfortable little American life can satisfy me until the Lord returns.

May we all be challenged and urged to live a Radical life as Dr. Platt so beautifully suggests.


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