+ until the whole world hears

I am wildly obsessed with the fact that we live in a world packed full with cultures, languages, + scenery that looks different from my homeland. If given the chance, I would see every single inch of it: breathing deep the culture of the worlds around me and hoping with desperation that I could communicate to them the hope +promise of Christ my King.

Brasilia, Brazil - March 2015
Jardim, ABC • Brazil • March, 2015

I’ve had the privilege of traveling abroad on various trips + have learned tremendously from each experience. You can glimpse some of those stories here:

+ Dominican Republic – 2007 + 2010

+ Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – 2009

+ Hohhot, China – 2010

+ Malta – 2012

+ Nadi, Fiji – 2013

+ Port Vila, Vanuatu – 2013

+ Sydney, Australia – 2013

+ Brasilia, Brazil – 2015

+ Titiyan, Haiti – 2016


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