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Sojournnoun  [ˈsō-ˌjərn]: a temporary stay.

Current location: Orlando, FL

I’m 28 + I’m learning to be brave.

I’m a dreamer. A writer. A loud laugher. And a lover of all things adventurous, spontaneous + whimsical. I love to bake, encourage, read, write, + learn. I smile more often than not, I love the sunshine, + I could watch the clouds forever. I love pedicures and white mochas, + could recite nearly every line of You’ve Got Mail.

I will never turn down an opportunity to travel, a cup of coffee, or a bowl of ice cream, + I find absolutely nothing sweeter than the sound of laughter.

You can win my heart with a cuppa + a sweet conversation. I’ll be swooning if you tell me your dreams, or how you plan to change the world… And if we talk about Aslan and the world of Narnia? Well, gee, I’ll just go wild.

I’m desperate to see women walk in freedom, understand God’s word, and live adventurous and whimsical lives. I believe in the power of the written + spoken word, and fight every day to have more Faith than Fear.

On the days that Faith wins, you’ll see the remnant here. Thanks for joining me on this journey – it’s a deep, deep joy to share these words with you.

Further up + further in!

+ jennifer gwendolyn



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