The Sound of Goodbye

We spent the day exploring Sydney and feel as though I could be woken from this dream world at any moment.

I let that sink in as I realize the beauty of dreams coming true. Little dreams (like traveling the world) matter much. Though not quite as much as the big ones (like leading women to know Christ more).

Getting to this point, on the other hand, wasn’t so sweet. Our last few days in Fiji loomed with the pending goodbyes and saddening reality that this couldn’t last forever. We will return to our corners of the globe, likely to never see each other again. (On better days I’m more hopeful.)

Goodbyes began Friday night and continued until we boarded the plane. Fifteen hours of sucker punches that made me wish I could shrink the globe.

Before that, however, were wonderful weeks of teaching and learning. We spent a week equipping Fijian believers in how to share their faith and train others to do the same. The privilege of sharing a devotion and teaching on discipleship that week brought overwhelming affirmation from my team. There are few things sweeter than doing the thing you love most and then being told you were made for it. And the truth of that further renewed the vision that Yahweh has sweetly spoken into my heart.

This was, perhaps, one of the most impactful elements of my time here. Unintentionally, I had in many ways stopped believing in the vision. I wouldn’t have ever admitted so, but the act of renewal that took place this summer revealed that I had stopped actively chasing it. What good is a vision that remains in your mind? The unrealized joy of a stagnant dream threatens my resolve. And more often than not this year I let it win.

The week after leading the clinic was a week of theology training with an Aussie mate called Nello. Spending time in such study sparked my mind in a beautiful way! It made me realize how truly excited I am for grad school. Though I didn’t agree with all of his theology, it was fun to study and discuss again after a year out of the classroom.

I’m astounded that this chapter of life is over, yet wildly grateful for all it held. I’m better now than ever at living in the moment and loving it for all it’s worth. There is such beauty in being where you are. There is joy to be found in every moment and so much is often missed.

Thank you for carrying me through this journey with your prayers. Thank you for believing in, supporting, and loving me when I’m far away. Words can’t express the comfort it has brought through the course of this summer.

May you ever be delighting in where you are and what you’re doing. May your heart find true contentment in the chapter of life that is being written with every breath. And may your passion for life make it impossible for you to ever remain stagnant.

Cheers to life, adventure, and unwritten chapters yet to unfold.