This I Love.

I’ve found it to be a good practice every now and again to sit and think about the things that stir something deep within me.

There is something about love that infiltrates everything you do. When you truly love something, you can’t get away from it. I like to think about the things I love because it reminds me why I’m alive. It reminds me that there are single, beautiful moments that make up even the longest & hardest of days. Remembering those things helps me do everything better, I’m absolutely sure of it.

Here’s the most recent list:

..I love the way the whole earth turns pink right before the sunset.

..I love the way laughter can light up someone’s eyes.

..I love the way nothing else seems to matter when you’re at the beach.

..I love mugs.

..I love the smell of coffee.

..I love old books.

..I love the sound of giggling.

..I love stories.

..I love clouds that fill the sky like cotton candy.

..I love when my heart skips a beat… no matter the reason.

..I love friendships that have character.

..I love thunderstorms.

..I love the sound of the guitar… {especially when my brother is the one creating the sound}.

..I love love.

..I love that you can find Yahweh in everything.

..I love pillow fights.

..I love talking about Jesus.

..I love the way I get butterflies when I do the thing I know I was made to do.

..I love watching the sunrise.

..I love the way a memory can make your heart feel like you’re really back in that moment, even if only for a second.

..I love spontaneous adventures.

..I love being a sojourner in the most beautiful life.

I’m absolutely captured by the beauty of life and I’m desperately thankful for a Savior that refuses to leave me in a place of comfort. Instead, he urges me ever forward, ensuring that I’ll know him better tomorrow than I did today.

Yes. That, too, is something I love.