Something about the sunrise…

This morning I went to the beach at the crack of dawn with two of the great girls in the youth group. We sat in the sand and read the Word as we watched the wonder of the sunrise paint the sky. What a joy. It is sweet to know that I have precious brother’s and sister’s on the other side of the world that watched it set as I watched it rise. Such different worlds. Ya know, there’s just something about the sunrise that stirs in my soul a longing for the day unlike anything else. As much as I dread hearing my alarm go off so darn early in the morning I have never once regretted the beauty of watching the day begin.

Anyways, this finds me Virginia Beach where I have the great honor of serving as the summer youth intern at First Baptist Church of Norfolk. I drove up on Saturday and have since been getting settled in as I started work. FBC is jammin’. The students are awesome and I’m pumped for a summer to serve them. I work full time both in the office and hanging out with students (best job ever). I help plan summer camp and other various summer activities which means this is yet another job in which I will sleep very little but laugh very much.

Anyways, I am thankful. I am blessed. And I am looking forward to a great, great summer.

Thank you, Jesus :)


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