Home Sweet Home

Well. I’m home! Praise God for safe travels.

Three weeks goes far faster than one would think. I can speak with much more freedom now that I am home and I can tell you that God did INCREDIBLE things through my team in Inner Mongolia. I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of this ministry. Here’s what happened:

9 students came to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and are pumped up about it.

25 Bibles were distributed to the new believers and other interested students.

33 students lived with my team and daily saw and heard the passion of Jesus in our lives.

500 students heard us sing “Might to Save” as we praised the Lord by a bonfire.

My team laughed a lot.

Angels rejoiced over the repentance of the Chinese.

A Buddhist temple was prayed over in the name of Jesus Christ.

Eternity will never be the same because of these 3 weeks.


Continue to pray for the students that committed their lives to Jesus. China is not an easy place to be a Christian.

I pray the Lord will bless you all for your committment to praying for me. Thank you. Praise the name of Jesus Christ. I love you all.




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