We are in the Big City!!! The plane ride was veryyy long, but we made it! We left PBA at 3:15am on Wednesday, May 12. You, my friends, are just beginning May 13, but we are about to go to sleep and close the day.  We traveled for around 26 hours today。 Instead of flying around the world we flew over the North Pole,which was unusual and very neat! It is insanely difficult to type on Chinese computers because it constantly changes the words Itype to Mandarin。 Haha。 So I appologize if this turns out looking totally wacky.

We arrived in the city today around 3pm China time (3am body time!) and drove to our hotel. It is a nice little place! We walked to dinner tonight and had a fabulous meal!! Our friends here are great And I know it is going to be a wonderful trip。

The next 3 days we have the privilege of sightseeing in this beautiful city!Icannot wait to share all the fun things we experience!! After that we are traveling North to spend time with college students! We will be taking a 14 hour train ride to get there! Ah! It will be like the plane all over again. We were told that we will have beds on the train though, which makes it infinitely better!

Well, I have been awake for longer than my body would prefer, so I must head to sleep. I miss you all dearly。 Hope you have a wonderful day! Please keep lifting us up! Talk to you soon!

from China,



2 thoughts on “Arrival!

  1. Jackie

    I have been waiting for you to post so I know you made it there safely!!! Glad the trip over went well! Keep us updated!

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