TWO days!

Good Evening!

We just finished our first night of training. This helps us prepare for the travel and adventures we will have as we teach English in Beijing. My team leaves PBA at 3:30am on Tuesday night (aka: Wednesday morning) which means I have TWO days left. Yikes.

It is absolutely surreal that I am going to travel half way around the world in about 55 hours. I went to Target today and got a few things, but other than that I have SOO much do. I still haven’t completely cleaned my room. And packing is about the LAST thing on my mind. I should probably change those two things… But there are far more fun things to do before take off.

Keep lifting us up && I’ll keep you updated :)

Much love,


p.s. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, MOMMA! I love you SO SO much and I can’t wait to be home and spending time with you in just a few weeks :) Love you more than the world.


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