Friends, I am terribly sorry that this is only post two!! The internet here is China is very touchy and this is the first time that it has allowed me to post other than the night we arrived. I have certainly tried, but it just did not work.
I could not possibly tell you everything that has happened in the last two weeks. It is without a doubt radically different than it was when we first got here. What a reason to celebrate!
Last Sunday (about 10 days ago) we took a 10 hour train ride to Inner Mongolia, a province north of Beijing. Since arriving, we have been living with Chinese students at a university. We are dorming with them, having special classes, and seeing important sights in Inner Mongolia. It is called a “cultural exchange” program. The workt that we are out to do has surely been accomplished with great care. We have shared so much with our new friends and our family has grown!! :) So amazing. Every night we are reading our books with them and truly pouring out everything we have.
That to say, this is the most exhausting thing I have ever done. I am empty in every way and ask that you would continue to lift up my team in thought as we finish out this final week.
It has truly been the ride of a lifetime and I cannot wait until I am home and able to share greater details with you. It has been nothing short of a mighty work and we are so thankful. The stories I have to share will blow you away!
We will leave the University and return to Beijing by way of train on Sunday night. Tuesday afternoon we fly out of Beijing. We’ll then have 9 hour layover through the night and then a flight home.
Don’t stop thinking of us now!! We really truly rely on it.
Thanks, precious friends!!
See you soon!



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