Monday in Malta… Henna Tattoos!

Well, hey there!

I’m so thankful to again bring a joyful report! We started back in the camps this morning. Ruhia had an appointment and couldn’t come today, so I got to spend some extra time journaling and in the word. I (finally) finished Job on my journey through the OT (I’m way behind…), so I was awfully excited! I love the last couple chapters when Yahweh silences Job and declares His glory over the intricate world that He created. It’s so humbling to consider the servanthood of Job and the faithfulness of Yahweh to not only preserve him, but to teach him along the way. I love it. The end of Job also meant I got to start again in Psalms. Psalm 2 was particularly appropriate for me now.

Verse 8 reads, “Ask of me, and I will make the nation your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.” Yes, the cry of my heart is that the island of Malta would see the glory and the goodness of the risen Lord. I pray that they will turn from their idol of religion and fall on their faces before the only true God. I would be so delighted if you would pause for a moment and petition the Lord for the salvation of the Maltese people.

Khadija was there this afternoon and we continued to practice writing and spelling her name. For some reason she has an incredibly  difficult time writing the letter on the lines of the paper. Instead, she scribbles the letters anywhere and everywhere on the page. It’s slow progress these days :)

We went for a little walk and I tried again to engage her in conversation about Jesus, but she simply could not understand. I’m praying for grace and trusting the Lord will accomplish His work. I am just a servant, and I know with certainty that my feeble efforts cannot thwart what He intends to do. I’m thankful that I get to be a part, however small, of His story in her life.

Our friend at the second camp, Faiza (a refugee from Ethiopia), invited us into her little room for a late lunch. She literally loaded our plates with a mix of: spaghetti (with a little bit of ground beef), salad (lettuce, onions, vegetable oil, olives), and french fries (potato slices cooked in oil (not as good as Daddy’s though!!!)). It was so sweet. We sat on the floor and shared a meal with this precious woman and her son. They are all so generous, despite having so little. It’s so humbling. She also gave me a scarf to try on and taught me how to wrap it around my head. She then exclaimed, “You’re a Muslim!” Haha, it was sweet.

After we ate Faiza gave us Henna tattoos on our feet! It was so fun to laugh and talk as our bodies became the canvas of her exceptional creativity.

We finished the day with a latte machiatto in Valletta, and rode the bus home. It was truly a lovely day :)

In other news, I’m learning to play guitar! I have a very gracious & patient teacher and we are having LOTS of fun :)

I’m praying God’s blessing on you precious people today. I can’t say enough how much your thoughts and prayers mean to me!

Love love,

“You are Muslim!!”
Truly the sweetest woman!!!
Latte Machiatto makes for a very happy Gwendo!
Me and the guitar are becoming fast friends…
Jaybo would be so proud of me! :)

One thought on “Monday in Malta… Henna Tattoos!

  1. the expert guitar player! Hahah youre so cute and i cant believe im gonna have a muslim musician as a roommate! you come back to me in a weeeekkkkkk!!!!!! eeek =) praying for your time with khadija and that you are able to share more as the week goes on! I love you sweet friend

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