Overdue Update!

I’m sorry for such a great delay in my updates! The week got away from us quickly! It’s amazing how fast time goes when you’re away… it seems as though we just arrived, but our time is truly almost over.

Before slumber wins the present battle, I want to update you and ask for your time!!

Last week ended beautifully as Ruhia correctly identified every letter of the alphabet!!!! Ya’ll! This is MAJOR progress. My prayer is that she retained it over the weekend. I’m looking forward to our time together this week. Please keep her, and our time together, in your prayers.

I still have mixed emotions about my time with Khadija (funny story: she was saying AND spelling her own name incorrectly… one of the women corrected her. Haha. Her name is Khadija [ka-dee-ja] ad we spent lots of time practicing how to say and write it!). Last Friday we were having our English lesson in her room. Towards the end of our time she decided she was done learning for the day, and she closed her notebook. We were sitting quietly for a moment when she noticed my tattoo and touched it. I read it aloud for her, “Life is Christ”, and found this as the perfect moment to begin a conversation about Jesus. I was using the most basic English possible as I presented the gospel, and she was nodding in understanding for much of it. She responded some and told me about her Muslim faith, but when I tried to dialogue and identify differences, she shook her head saying she couldn’t understand the English.

I know that Jesus is in control, and I know that he knows exactly what he’s doing. But it was so hard. I was so frustrated and went into the bathroom and just cried. I want so very badly to tell my sweet friend about the hope and peace that I have in Jesus Christ, and I couldn’t do that. I’m praying desperately for more opportunities, a deeper understanding of one another, and God’s grace to reign supreme. I would be so glad if you came alongside me in those petitions.

The weekend was great and included much needed rest. This morning we got to spend some more time with Mr. Doug Gresham (son of C.S. Lewis!) and enjoyed wonderful conversation (such a wise man) (so many stories)!

Tonight we had the privilege of serving a local youth group in their weekly service. We led worship as a team (a beautiful experience in itself), and then I had the deep honor of teaching God’s word. It has truly captured my heart and I was more than delighted to serve them. God really blessed me with that opportunity and I am so thankful. It was such a neat experience with a
translator! The Spirit was surely with us!

I should be asleep by now…

Again, I treasure your prayers and I am so indebted to you! You can see more neat pictures on the team blog at: http://www.pbamaltateam.wordpress.com

Goodnight! :)


One thought on “Overdue Update!

  1. Jen, just a note to say I’ve enjoyed your posts this week, and what a perfect way to finish up after graduation! Thank you for sharing your linguistic frustration — this was personally convicting to me. Here I am serving in a country where I have learned the language and I have this treasure of a message. Am I desperate enough that they hear it and know Him? Thank you for keeping it in all in focus!

    Many blessings,

    P.S. Have you asked Him if He would have you do this work full time? If you need a personal invitation… come and join us!!! :-)

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