Cliff Jumping, The 3rd Bravest Man & Rooftop Sunset

Hi hi!

Both yesterday and today were laid back and lovely. Yesterday morning we went for a walk and discovered the most amazing field of wildflowers my little eyes have ever seen!!! Yellow, red, and white sprinkled in a field of green. It was glorious.

We are building relationships with the camps that we are serving in, so Hannah, Jordan, and Nathan went in with Eve today to meet with one of the women. They had a great meeting and it made us very excited for the days we will be serving them (Monday-Friday for the next two weeks!).

While they were at their meeting, we decided to explore the city on foot. We walked through the winding streets of this beautiful town and eventually found our way back.

We had some time in the afternoon to read and journal before leaving for our evening activity: CLIFF JUMPING.

That’s right, sweet folks! We went to the most amazing water hole and jumped off a cliff into the crystal clear, frigid water. We watched the sunset (my all-time favorite activity) from the top of the cliff. I’ve never seen a prettier golden hour!!!

Then we ordered pizza (a fiasco to say the least, but they finally arrived!). We enjoyed dinner by the water with the perfect breeze, we played on a teeter totter and on the swings.

At the urging of Elijah, Ben & Eve’s 5-year-old son, Jordan caught a jelly fish in a cup. After accomplishing this great feat, Elijah declared that Jordan was the 3rd bravest man he knew (next to God and Jesus, of course!). It was too cute :)

Today we got to go into the refugee camps where we will be serving next week to sign papers and see a tour of the campus. It stirred our hearts for what God is going to allow us to do. The people are more than broken, and already skeptical of a short term team, so PLEASE pray that Yahweh would soften hearts and allow us to build meaningful relationships. We are confident that He will do so, and we are anxious to begin serving them!

After visiting the camps, we took a bus into Valletta, the capital city. Y’all, it was stunning. We’re on a very small island and so we see the Sea everywhereee we go. It was just amazing to overlook the city, surrounded by water. We ordered chocolate filled donuts and latte macchiatos and enjoyed one another’s company for the perfect amount of time. We love seeing different parts of the city before our true ministry begins on Monday, and there is absolutely nothing sweeter to me than growing in love for one another as we talk about the passions that Jesus has given us.

After coffee we wandered the historic streets when we found an easily accessible roof top. Naturally, we climbed up and we found the most amazing view of Valletta. We also found the Valletta F.C. “football” (hint: we’re in Europe) team practicing for the championship game tomorrow (that we might be able to go see!!). We found a shop for dinner and, after eating, we took dessert back to the rooftop where we watched the sunset below the beautiful lights of a city coming alive.

We have been absolutely spoiled this far, but we know the real challenge will soon begin as we seek desperately to show the love of Jesus to the displaced Africans leaving in this land.

I love you and I thank you endlessly for covering me and my precious team with your prayers.

in Christ alone,

p.s. Don’t forget you can follow our team blog at: PBA Malta Team






2 thoughts on “Cliff Jumping, The 3rd Bravest Man & Rooftop Sunset

  1. marianne stoltzfus

    Hi Jen–It’s so fun to look in on your trip and follow you around! Ummm, is this vacation or mission work?! (just teasin’) I love how you put your heart into everything you do! We’re praying for you! Hugs– Aunt Marianne

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