Showing Us to Show Them

Greetings from the Mediterranean!

Our travel time was lovely. We slept on and off, laughed a lot, and took silly pictures as we traveled from PBA to Miami to Madrid to Rome (where we almost went into the city for part of our 5 hour layover, but opted out for the sake of saving money) and finally: to Malta. It’s a little bit chilly and absolutely beautiful here. The sunset from the plane was arguably one of the most beautiful I’ve seen. The entire sky was lit up in an electric combination of pink, orange, and purple. Glorious.

When we arrived in Rome we had to collect our luggage and go through the whole process again on Air Malta. The problem was that some of our bags were over weight with supplies and were hoping that wouldn’t need to pay an extra fee again when we checked them for our final flight. Hannah’s bag wasn’t charged extra, which was such a blessing. But when Nathan (PBA professor traveling with us) tried to recheck the soccer goals that we brought, they said it would cost almost $300.

Yikes. Not expecting that.

While Nathan was trying to reason with the attendant that weight is dispersed between our other bags, he asked us to pray. Pray for favor. For grace. For anything. And so we did.

As someone else was praying aloud, I was quietly battling with God. “Lord, we are going to serve YOU! We are going to show Your glory to the refugees in Malta. I know that You can do anything- including waiving these fees. Won’t You please do it so they can see You??”

The moment two of our team members finished praying, Nathan walked up and announced that she waived the fee. Absolutely no cost. Beautiful, huh?

I was processing as we proceeded on through security and to our gate. I was reminded that very often WE need to see His glory afresh before we go and tell about it. I know with every fiber of my being that He is good and glorious, but I don’t see glorious things every day. Maybe it’s because I don’t look for it enough, but it was certainly sweet to see Him display His might as He sends us forth to proclaim that might to the nations.

There are already more stories to tell, but we’re exhausted from 24 hours of travel…

I love y’all, and I covet your prayers ever still.

in Christ alone,

p.s. Here is a picture of the lovely sunset…



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