More Faithful than the Morning

Exactly six months ago, I sat wide-eyed at my computer as I read about Evangelism Explosion and the internships that they offer abroad for young adults pursuing full time ministry. I grew hopeful as my heart did the thing it does when peace is brought to my entire being. Something in me knew this was it, yet I was tentative to really believe so “just in case”. I prayed over my restlessness and deep desires and submitted the primary application. In a way that only Jesus could orchestrate, I progressed through the application process and was offered a spot on the team of interns.

Ah, yes. God is faithful.

Mind you, this time six months ago was right smack in the most challenging season of my life. I won’t hesitate to say I questioned where I was, what I was doing, and why I was doing it. I spent countless hours begging Jesus for answers and insight. I petitioned that He would somehow make beautiful what I felt had come to dust. Like a broken record, I was reminded:

God is faithful.

The internship that I’m participating in is a beautiful combination of training, evangelism, and pursuing the heart of Christ. The goal of the internship is that while we minister to the people around us, we would also come to understand a little bit more about what Yahweh is calling us to in a big picture way. Through evangelism, training church leaders, and being poured into – we will have ample time to learn, grow, and discover what comes next.

I’m clinging to the promise: God is faithful.

On adventures like the one before me now, I find it exponentially more important to remember this truth. He will finish what He promised. He will go before me. He will not leave me empty. He will be faithful.

It’s a truth I must remind myself of regularly, for I ashamedly trust more in the sunrise than in His word. How ironic that in counting on the sunrise, one of the most majestic of His creations, I forget to count on Him- the Creator.

There’s something easy and comforting about something you can see and feel. For every day that I have had breath on this earth, the sun as come up in the east and tucked away in the west. Not merely “like clockwork” – it is the very thing that gives us clockwork. It allocates hours for our work and ensures that it will not be hidden for long. I can see it come up in the morning as I watch the sky fill with colors like an artist meticulously fills a canvas with paint. I can feel the warmth it gives as it turns my skin golden brown… or cherry red. I can shelter myself under an enormous oak tree, and find rest in the gentle breeze that surrounds me. I can watch it set behind the Gulf of Mexico as the sky again lights up with glory.

And just like the sunrise, I see His faithfulness echo softly, yet triumphantly, in my life. I’m coming to sense His Spirit as He begins to stir like the gentle breeze that keeps me company under the oak tree. I crave it more than I crave ice cream and a hot cup of coffee. Oh, that I would crave it more and more.

And oh that we would rest in His faithfulness, counting on it more than the morning.

I treasure your prayers and look forward to sharing with you all that Jesus does in and through my team! Thank you for believing in me and in the mission that Yahweh has set before me.



2 thoughts on “More Faithful than the Morning

  1. tina kessel

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this jenn!! i’m so proud of you. your dedication, devotion, eager heart, & willingness to serve are all so inspiring & infectious. i’m praying for you as you begin this journey & look forward to hearing updates! love & miss you lots! :)

  2. Michele

    Jenn, your heart is so beautiful and you write with such eloquence and grace. I love being able to draw closer to your heart through reading your words. So glad you are leaving on a reminder of His faithfulness. I know He will give you lots of sweet reminders in Figi just like rainbows and colors in the sky. In Haiti, mine were mountains and I can’t wait to hear what rainbows Figi has in store for you. Today I was reminded that wait can be translated hope and how much hope we can have resting and waiting in Him. I love you Lenny

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